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I saw Karma Girl while I was going through a lot of emotional pain, I didn't realise at
the time that it was a turning point in my life, she was able to help me with what I
needed to do to be able to breakaway from the pain. She spent a lot of time with me
and we connected, why I think that it helped me was that I could then see I had a way
out of my pain, by the end of it I had an energy shift, I was no longer holding onto the
negative energy.
Thank you

Karma Girl threw me a card while we were doing a meditation and she said that I
would be going overseas, she saw me holding American money, my immediate
thought was there's no way I would be doing this, So I dismissed it as not possible.
Well I'm here to tell you that within 4 weeks, my sister was going to Hawaii with her
two daughters, I asked how much would it cost for me to go, by the end of the day I
had my ticket paid for, and I was going. I shocked myself,
I had to go and tell Karma Girl,
she said, 'I knew you where going, it was in the cards honey'.
Julie Craine

I invited Karma Girl over with neither scepticism nor expectation, but now I wish I
had had the opportunity to record everything Karma Girl said to us on the night
of our Group Reading!

The things she picked up on were so relevant, both for the individual, and the other 5
or 6 members of the group. She really gave us all insight into our individual places
where we were at, but one of the things I liked best was that she gives you plenty to
'take home' with you (words, insights, perceptions, approaches to where you are going)
to think about and really work with in your life (hence my desire to record!).

She was so spot-on with all of us I have no hesitation in recommending her to
anybody. I found her to be very straightforward, yet always positive and encouraging.
I was so impressed I held 2 further Group Readings at my place (each one was
different too!) to accommodate all those who had heard about the fantastic session we had.

Jeanine Hager
North Gosford, N.S.W.

My personal readings with Karma Girl, have been an inspiration, not only for the
present and future but have brought to light, past life times of who I was, which has
put light on why I find some things in this life so hard to deal with. Through her
excellent readings, I have been able to overcome many fears from the past and
present, forgive others and myself and learn to love myself for who I am now. All of
which have allowed me to move forward in the present. Having had some traumatic
endings in some of my past lives it has created fears and phobias of the same
occurring in this life. By bringing things to the surface, from the dark into the light,
I have been able to transmute them into the light, clear any karma created, able to walk
now in awareness, clearing out instantly, any karma I may create for myself.

Karma Girl is very knowing, her psychic abilities, caring and humane nature are a gift
and a blessing.
She is great! See for yourself!
Love Lorraine

I have personally known Karma Girl for over 4 years.

The qualities I see in Karma Girl are infinite and
universal. Included in them are that she is an
exceptional mother to 4 beautiful children, a true
friend to all humanity, an astute business woman with
a wonderful vision for the whole world to share, and a
knowing that is far beyond. I stand in awe at her
insight, wisdom, knowledge and profound psychic

When Karma Girl is not working directly at raising the
global vibrations she is volunteering her time in our
local community.

Karma Girl is a worker of 'light' and a promoter of
'peace' and I am personally thankful that I have been
given the opportunity to share in this lifetime with

Where ever there is Karma Girl there is PEACE.
With love
Janice Johnson

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